Ben Builds a Fort

Ben Builds a Fort

Benjamin Franklin heard of many villages being destroyed and the people in them being slaughtered by Indians, so he decided to do something about it.

After thinking for a bit and conferring with his friends, they decided that he should convince people to come and help him build some forts in strategic locations for the people to flee to if trouble arises.

Soon, Ben and some other people from Philadelphia left the comfort of their homes to brave the nasty weather of wintery Pennsylvania.

Their first stop was Gnadenhütten, a small village on a very unprotected stretch of country road.

The industrious workers finished the fort in a week. Benjamin told the workers to chop down trees for palisades and he timed two men swinging away at a fourteen-inch thick pine tree. It was down in six minutes.

Unluckily, Ben was lured back to Philadelphia by some politicians who needed him there, and he appointed a famous British captain as the fort's commander.