Birds do not have lips, they have beaks. Different types of birds have different beaks;hawks have curved and sharp beaks, while ducks have flat and blunt beaks.

Woodcocks have beaks that are used to probe the ground. They use their beaks to search for insects inside the dirt and leaves.


Hummingbirds have probing beaks as well, and long tongues that they use to suck the pollen out of flowers. Their wings are also excellent for this task because they move quickly, allowing the birds to hover.


Grosbeaks have beaks that are perfect for braking seeds open. They use their strong jaws and their beaks to perform this task.


Pelicans have a beak that they use to catch fish. They have a method of scooping up the fish in water, then draining the water out and enjoying their free meal.

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Peregrine falcons use their beaks to tear their prey into small pieces. It also uses its beak to carry food back to its nest.

Peregrine falcon

Woodpeckers use their beaks to peck and chisel rotten wood to eat insects that live in the bark of the trees or carve a home.