Another Classification of Animals

Another Classification of Animals

The three main categories of animals according to what food they eat are: carnivores, herbivores, and 0mnivores.


Carnivores are all the animals that eat only meat, they fall into three groups: scavengers, predators, and insectivores. The scavengers like to recycle and eat already hunted and abandoned meat. Predators eat live meat, and insectivores eat insects. These animals have one thing in common, they do not eat their veggies.

Some animals that are carnivores are: dogs, wolves, foxes, ferrets, seals, walruses, snakes, and eagles.


Herbivores are the classic Vegans. They like to eat leaves, fruit, branches, seeds, and grass, things a lion would not eat. A special case of animals (goats) that eat only leaves and branches are called browsers.

Some animals that are herbivores are: cows, horses, zebras, deer, and elephants.


Omnivores eat a diet consisting of both meat and veggies. These animals eat what carnivores and herbivores eat. If we were animals (which we are not) we would be put in this class alongside the humble and polite bear.

Some animals that are omnivores are: many pigs, many bears, some primates, some rodents, opossums, hummingbirds, and chickens.