Anna Sewell (1820–1878)

Anna Sewell (1820–1878)

Anna Sewell was an English author who wrote the book Black Beauty. When she was a girl, she fell on her ankles as a result of which she could never walk for long periods of time. Anna also loved horses, and was angry at the people who misused them.

When she was writing the story, Anna wanted to convince people not to hurt horses by misusing them. She wanted people to feel compassionate for the horses which were being abused in the streets of the 19th century England. This novel led to the abolishment of bearing or check reins used on carriage horses in England. These reigns were used to pull the horse's heads upwards so that they were constantly in pain.

Bearing Reign

Anna was always moving from place to place trying to cure her ankles. She was very active when she was a child, but because of her condition she could not go out of her house. She did not write any other stories, but it changed the lives of horses in England.

Anna Sewell loved horses and understood what it is like to be helpless. She tried to help horses in England by writing a novel to motivate us that we should not mistreat horses but to take care of them.