Some of the Smallest and Largest Vertebrates

Some of the Smallest and Largest Vertebrates


The largest Amphibian is the Chinese salamander which is 1.83 meters long, but the smallest one is the paedophryne amanuensis frog which is only 7 millimeters long.


One of the largest reptiles is the Galápagos Tortoise which is 1.8 meters long. One of the smallest reptiles is a chameleon subspecies that is 22 millimeters long.


The smallest bird is the Bee hummingbird which is 6.1 centimeters tall, the largest bird being the Emu which is 1.9 meters tall and cannot fly.


The largest mammal alive nowadays is the Blue Whale which is 30.48 meters long, while one of the smallest mammals is the Mouse lemur which is 27 centimeters long.


One of the largest fish is the whale shark which can grow up to 12.19 meters long while one of the smallest fish is the Photocorynus spiniceps which can reach a maximum length of 6.2 millimeters long.