Ancient Civilization Timeline

Ancient Civilization Timeline

Indus Valley: Farmers settle in the Indus Valley
Egypt: Early people settled in the Nile Valley and start farming in the Nile region.
China: Silk was produced in China.

Indus Valley: Farmers build villages in the Indus Valley
China: The Longshan culture flourishes in north-east China.

Indus Valley: First signs of urbanization in the Indus Valley
Egypt: Memphis, is capital of Egypt and hieroglyphics are used.

Indus Valley: Mohenjo-daro is flourishing
Egypt: The Period of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

Indus Valley: Dozens of cities are established in the Indus Valley
China: in China rice cultivation begins on the Yangtze River valley
Egypt: Imhotep in Egypt writes medical texts describing diagnosis and treatment of 100 diseases and 48 injuries and the step pyramid is built at Saqqara.
Maya: Mayans bury their dead individually under homes.

Indus Valley: Earliest use of Indus script
Egypt: Great pyramids and sphinx are built in Giza

Indus Valley: Indus Valley traders travel to Mesopotamia and other lands
Egypt: Mining and trade were important and the Sun god Ra was worshiped at Heliopolis
Babylon: First code of laws by Urukagina, king of Lagash.

Indus Valley: The Indus civilization begins to decline
Egypt: A number of works of literature were produced

Indus Valley: The Indus Valley civilization is over, and The Aryans begin to migrate to the Indus.
Egypt: The Thebans reclaimed control of the South