An adjective modifies a noun. In other words, it provides further information about the noun, like what kind it is, how many there are, etc.

For example: "The cat purred." vs "The lazy black cat purred." The version of the sentence with adjectives says a lot more about the cat than the version without. It makes it easier for the reader to understand exactly what you want to say.

Adjectives can be descriptive or possessive. A descriptive adjective tells the reader more qualities about the object we are writing about, and a possessive adjective tells the reader about whose the object is.

For example, some sentences about this car:

Image from Vermont SportsCar
  • "The Subaru WRX" <- the original sentence.
  • "The blue and yellow Subaru WRX" <- descriptive adjectives added
  • "My blue and yellow Subaru WRX" <- possessive adjective added
  • "Travis Pastrana's blue and yellow Subaru WRX" <- possessive adjective is a proper noun