A Short Timeline Of Greek History

A Short Timeline Of Greek History

776BC Was the 1st year in which the Olympics were held in Olympia in honor of Zeus, the Greek god. Some sports that were done during this event were wrestling, jumping, javelin throwing and chariot racing. If someone won, then they were to be given a crown of olive branches.

650BC—580BC The city of Corinth is taken by force by the Greek Kypselos. He took the title of Tyrant which he gave to his son when he died.

508BC Democracy (ruled by the people) begins in Athens. All male citizens in that city were allowed to cast a vote for who should run it.

500BC Was the start of the “Classical Period,”  in Greece.  Many people had interest in arts, imagination, and buildings especially in the city of Athens.

472BC The Greek Theaters in Athens become more popular. People found entertainment here by watching magicians, jugglers, and plays. Actors wore masks to show emotions such as happiness and sadness.

432BC The pantheon was finished in Athens. This giant temple had a huge golden statue of Athena in it, who was the Greek “goddess” of wisdom, handicraft, and war.

338BC Philip II of Macedon takes control of Greece. After dying, his son Alexander takes the throne.

146BC Rome takes control of Greece, and it becomes part of the Roman Empire.