Robert's Failure

Robert's Failure

Bump, Bump, Bump... Silence... A voice from outside the wagon called to Robert, "We've stopped! Get out of there and look at this!". Robert emerged from his wagon, ink all over his face, and stared up at the imposing cliffs all around. Lodged between the cliffs was a gate made of intricately craved stone and wood, with a muscular, spear-bearing guard standing on either side. "Welcome to the province of Wynn", one of them intoned in a deep, gruff voice that sounded like it belonged more to a grizzly bear than a man, "you'll be safe here. Probably."

A few minutes later, Robert and his companions, Raymond and Oliver, were walking through a field towards the city of Ragni, the capital of the province. They met another guard along the way, telling them that the Corrupted were spotted nearby, and they had to get geared up in case of an attack. Unbeknownst to the newcomers, they would need the armor sooner than they expected.

"It's dark down here." "I wish that guard had given us a light." "Robert?" "Robert!" "WHERE ARE YOU, ROBERT?!" The three friends were in the "armory" the guard had told them about. They had no way of knowing that it was little more than a cave with a collection of chests in it. Making everything better, the cave entrance collapsed after they entered, and Robert had mysteriously disappeared in the depths of the cave.

After about ten minutes, Oliver stumbled upon something in the dark. It was Robert's body. He had been knocked unconscious by a rock hitting him in the head, but luckily, he was wearing a helmet when the blow was struck. Soon, the man came to and sat up. "Where did you get that helmet?" Raymond asked. "I found it in one of the chests and put it on before I got knocked out." replied Robert. "Perfect!" Oliver muttered, "Now we won't have any armor to wear in case we have to fight."

Then, light peeped through the collapsed entrance and the guard was seen with a shovel in hand. He tossed a rope down and the friends climbed out of the cave.

After getting out of the cave, the friends asked the guard why the entrance collapsed, and he told them that the beams and ladders were so old that they snapped when they went in.

They left the guard and continued until they reached a tunnel entrance, where another guard was standing. He informed them that the Corrupted were inside the cave, and they should get ready for anything. As they slowly advanced through the tunnel, Robert saw strange shapes in the gloom. Bodies. He shuddered as the thought of what might be beyond the next corner flashed through his mind. Robert readied his bow. Suddenly, they heard something moving in the dark. A lot of something...

What looked like the guard before burst out of the dark, but there were some differences. The creature was an ugly shade of green, wearing battle-scarred armor. It had three black-feathered arrows in its side and weilded a rust-eaten battle hammer. Robert screamed and fired. The sentinel guarding the entrance rushed into the tunnel and attacked the creature, stabbing it with his spear.

Suddenly, Oliver gave a grunt. He had been struck from behind with an arrow and now fell to the ground. "OLIVER!!!" Raymond screamed. Robert finished the first Corrupted, shooting it through the head with an arrow. "Run... Leave me behind... Just... Ju... st... go...", Oliver mumbled to Robert. With a last look at his friend, Oliver, Raymond, and the guard rushed through the tunnels, pursued by Corrupted, until they finally met a platoon of soldiers with a trebuchet, who shot the beasts and then escorted Raymond and Robert to the king.

When they arrived, Robert told his whole story to the king. How they were sent from the king of Tol-Quizigarth to help the province of Wynn in their battle with the Corrupted. How they were just the forerunners of a great army soon to come, and how they lost Oliver in the caves.

Suddenly, a soldier rushed into the throne room. "King, the guards on the ramparts have spotted a huge horde of Corrupted coming, they're storming the city!" "Robert, you're too late. Go back to your king... And tell him we fought... Tell him to strengthen his defenses... Tell him they're coming.", the king told Robert.

"Come on Raymond, we have to leave.", Robert told his friend. But Raymond didn't respond. He was quickly turning green. A Corrupted who looked like Oliver stood behind him with a blood-stained dagger.

"Robert. It had to be done. Now you're coming too.", Oliver said. Then he stabbed Robert.