A Printer's Apprentice

A Printer's Apprentice

Benjamin Franklin was very interested in books, so his father apprenticed him to his older brother at age 12. The reason why he did this was because the older brother (named James) was a  printer, and Ben's father thought that being a printer would give him a good job as well as quench his thirst for books.

Soon, Ben got bored of his current job as a newspaper-seller, and he started writing his own paper, the contents of which were put in his brother's articles.

Benjamin's thirst for books was not (nearly) quenched. He used half of the money that his employer gave him for boarding and food and the other half for buying books.

Later, his brother was imprisoned for talking about politics in his newspaper, and after he came out, he was banned from continuing the production of the paper.

Ben got bored of being an apprentice printer, so his brother let him go, Ben went to New York to start his own business.