2 Chronicles 35

2 Chronicles 35

Today I read 2 Chronicles 35. The book of Chronicles is one of the books of the Bible that talks about the kings of Israel. This text was important because it talks about how you can become proud, and how pride can lead to your downfall.

King Josiah was one of the best kings of Israel. He had repaired the Temple, which was neglected by his father, Amon, and his grandfather, Manasseh.

After he had done these things, the pharaoh Necho needed to pass through his lands to fight the Babylonians. When king Josiah saw that the pharaoh was passing through his lands, he tried to stop him at the plain of Megiddo.

Pharaoh Necho told Josiah that God told him to hurry, so he shouldn't try to stop him, because he was doing God's commands. King Josiah was probably proud of his actions and didn't believe the pharaoh, but then fought him anyway and got killed.

20 After all this, when Josiah had set the temple in order, Necho king of Egypt went up to fight at Carchemish on the Euphrates, and Josiah marched out to meet him in battle. 21 But Necho sent messengers to him, saying, “What quarrel is there, king of Judah, between you and me? It is not you I am attacking at this time, but the house with which I am at war. God has told me to hurry; so stop opposing God, who is with me, or he will destroy you.”
22 Josiah, however, would not turn away from him, but disguised himself to engage him in battle. He would not listen to what Necho had said at God’s command, but went to fight him on the plain of Megiddo.
23 Archers shot King Josiah, and he told his officers, “Take me away; I am badly wounded.” 24 So they took him out of his chariot, put him in his other chariot and brought him to Jerusalem, where he died. He was buried in the tombs of his ancestors, and all Judah and Jerusalem mourned for him.

What I learned from this text was that you shouldn't try to stop God's plans, even when they are done by people who don't seem like they are doing His plans.